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Who is Siris Raquel?


I'm here to invite you to get clear and acknowledge what's
brilliant, magical and a gift about you! 

You're in the right place if.....'re done judging yourself and your body and letting those judgments control or dictate your life, living and business.

.... you'd like to create a life way beyond what you have ever seen anyone choose or consider,  that you have always known is possible.'d like simple, different and practical tools to be empowered and be the gift you already are in the world.'d like a partner who will go on the journey with you to actualizing your ideas, targets and dreams into reality.'d like to know who you are beyond the lies, limitations and points of views you might have bought from family, friends, media and culture.'d like to rediscover and explore your unique gifts and capacities while also adding new skills to your repertoire.'d like to be able to express yourself more effectively in order to empower, invite and connect with others more effectively, joyfully and profitably. 

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Where did it all begin?

My life consisted of hospitals, therapists, stressed parents, cultural and linguistic shifts and constant change as my family and I moved from Puerto Rico to Chicago and started to create a life there. I was very aware of bodies and what was possible with them beyond what people were projecting at my family and my siblings with "disabilities." I had a capacity for perceiving possibilities in people's lives and playing with languages and bodies in ways that other people didn’t seem to be.

Throughout my childhood and into adolescence, I chose to dabble in all kinds of ways of being of service to others while also navigating my own chronic pain, auto-immune issues and reproductive health problems. I never gave up on what I knew was possible for me and my body and kept looking for tools to create more ease in my body while completing a dual master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities.

From Reiki, ThetaHealingTM, Shamanic energy work to Access ConsciousnessTM and more...everything contributed to where I am today and the business that empowers people to have what is true for them and their bodies now and in the future.

I love bodies. I always have. I care about people and it used to hurt so much to see them choose less than what I knew was possible for them and their bodies. Now, I invite them to new places and spaces in their lives beyond speech, language, learning and behavior to every area of their lives with my private sessions and classes around the world and it’s amazing what people tell me has changed for them!

After 16 years working with individuals, families, schools, and clinics, I have developed a poignant, dynamic and unique facilitation style that honors the little girl I was who always knew more was possible, inspiring the seekers, dreamers and innovators to create marvelous lives and businesses. 

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3 Fun Facts About Me...

  • I am a tea fiend! I take tea with me everywhere I go and one of my favorite things to do while I travel is to try out teas I have never had before. I have a large cabinet full of teas in my home.

  • I love everything mermaid, from paintings, poetry and movies depicting them to dressing up as a mermaid in my classes just for the fun of it.

  • I am very close with my siblings. One of our favorite things to do together, besides travel, is play board games and card games. I have game nights often. If you have any games I may not have heard of before let me know!

Bestselling Author

Lightness of Choosing Your Book

What will you choose differently when you read the life-changing stories in this book?

The authors, including Siris Rivas, have written about their journeys of self-discovery and how trusting themselves and choosing from that space changed their lives and the lives of those around them.

What happens when you choose fresh, starting today?

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