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The Academy of the Seen and Unseen is for those who have been looking for a community and a haven to explore different energies, get in touch with their body and create with awareness, choice, color and energy in ways that have never existed on the planet before.


For those who know that the UNSEEN is just as valuable as the SEEN within us and around us yet may be haven’t had a chance to delve as deeply as they would like on how to use their awareness of the seen and unseen to their advantage in order to holistically craft their lives, businesses and bodies while receiving gifts, acknowledging their awareness, and playfully enjoying others, this academy is for you!


You are invited through weekly online discussions with poignant facilitation using different modalities, materials and your body to integrate your capacities into day-to-day living and unleash your power, creativity and what you have always known is possible!

The weekly online calls ask that you:

  • Be willing to be more present with yourself and receive more of yourself than ever before


  • Be willing to ramp up your awareness of the seen and unseen dynamically


  • Connect with the Earth, all bodies and all beings past, present and future


  • Choose beyond anything you’ve ever been told about your awareness, bodies, energy and creation


  • Perceive the lessons, guidance and gifts bestowed upon you in the past and those that you’ll receive in the calls


  • Let go of anywhere you are functioning from rigidity, linearity and limiting beliefs

  • Be willing to be vulnerable with yourself and those in the group for the benefit of us all

We will be having online calls via Zoom in which we use any of the modalities listed. Each week, your Phantastical Guide, Siris Rivas-Verdejo, will ask which modality will create the most change for the group using her awareness and the assistance of the Earth, Phantastical Creatures, Light Beings, Travelers, Entities, Spirits and anything else that would be a contribution to all of us having and being more in the world.

  • Phantastical Tantra


  • Phantastical ThetaHealing


  • Symphony of Possibilties


  • Phantastical Shamanism


  • Conscious Card Reading

  • Art & Movement

  • Energy Flows

  • Living and Dying Body Process

Taster of


Taster of

Symphony of



Taster of Conscious

Card Reading

Taster of

Art & Movement

Taster of

Energy Flows

Taster of

Living and Dying 

Body Process

Next group starts in 2021!

Each Month will be facilitated by Siris Rivas-Verdejo with special guests and themes directed by:


Mermaids, Selkies & Sirens: Your Phantastical Voice

Where are you relying on the verbal to express yourself or receive from others?

Mermaid, Selkie and Sirens have been luring people to new spaces and places for millenia. What if you could tap into their powers and have them magnify your ability to communicate more effectively with anything and anyone? Seduce and captivate. Demand and Assert yourself. Never be at the effect of lies and manipulation ever again! Receive from people speaking any language. Use all your senses, particularly those of sound to receive more of yourself, more from your body and more from everything phantastical awaiting to contribute to you!




Soaring Beyond Delays, Blocks and the Need for Protection

Where are you stopping yourself from soaring ?

Dragons, Phoenixes, Pegasi and more! All invite you to fly toward what you have always known is possible on this planet! Ride on their backs. Create your own flying contraptions. Climb higher and higher to heights never seen before as you choose beyond anywhere you're slowing yourself down, have any unconscious blocks or where you are separating from the magnificent creatures, beings and bodies that would like to support you in creating your way.


Trees and Woodland Creatures: Connecting Across the World

Who else is asking to create with you?

Consider the network of knowledge and wisdom throughout the world that can be accessed through the roots, limbs and flowers of the trees of the world. How can these sage, living and breathing guardians remind us of the conscious, shamanistic, earth-honoring practices that could contribute to us now?  Their resiliency, their lack of judgment and their immense power are here for you. Are you willing to connect to them and their resiliency?  


Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers and Metamorphs:

Elegance and Poise Through Change

Where are you unwilling to let your body and life change? 

There are many animals on this planet, mythical creatures and storybook characters who have shown that being willing to change, shift and flow with what will create more has extensive benefits. Where are you locking your body into a particular form? Are you allowing all of its capabilities to function ?  Through art, movement, and intimate exercises these phantastical creatures can guide us to enjoy our bodies and co-create with them in order to have elegance and poise with anything that shows up.


Are you willing to expend less energy and effort to create the greatest life possible ?


Trolls, Dwarves, Elves, Goblins and Gnomes:

Coming Out of Hiding

Where are you hoarding your gifts and keeping them from the world? 

Conflicting beliefs and points of views exists about this little beings. Their gifts, talents and creations are often hidden from the world or their contribution often goes unacknowledged. Do you have anything in common with them? Is there anywhere you are keeping yourself and your gifts hidden from the world? If you're ready to change that, let these phantastical creatures and your awareness be your guide!


Time Travel and Teleportation: 

The Stars Within and Your Light Shining Out

How can you use your awareness of future to your advantage?  

You don't have to wait for the future to get here to receive from it. Many of us are aware of infinite futures and aren't sure when it's the time to choose to, when it's time to create and when it's time to take action! Light beings, galactic empires and interplanetary travel with your body and with all of your awareness can open up doors to you showing up even more in the world and beyond !!


Are you willing to use your futuristic capacities to receive more money and more joy?


Are you willing for your light to shine out and inspire yourself and others to new realities? 

Phantastical Memberships to Choose From

3 Month or 6 Month Membership

What's Included? 

  • Live Group Facilitation in 30-Minute Weekly Online Calls x4 per Month (12 calls in 3 months, 24 calls in 6 months)

  • Mp3 downloads

  • Access to an inclusive, supportive online community

  • Downloadable pdf documents of highlights, clearings, and home play

  • Special Guest Sessions 

  • Translation available for all content

*** 1 Payment of $407***


***3 Payments of $169 USD = Total $507USD***

~For EACH 3 Month Group~

~ Children under 18 years old FREE to attend with paying adults. ~

Add-Ons for Phantastical Plans

You can purchase these to add on to the plans above or separately.


Phantastical Shamanism is an evolution of shamanism that is conscious, inclusive and open to new possibilities beyond the traditional way that shamanism is often practiced. In these 3-1.5 hour online calls, we will discuss:


  • Basic Principles of Phantastical Shamanism

  • Phantastical Shamanism: Journeying

  • Integrating Phantastical Shamanism Into Your Life

*** Audio replay available for August 2020 Class

What do you know about life and living? What do you know about death and dying?

How much is not being at the affect of living and dying worth to you? 

In this class, Siris Rivas-Verdejo will show you this incredible energetic body process she created that facilitates more clarity on what you uniquely know about living and dying and invites you to use this knowledge to create more joyfully with infinite ease. The class discusses how to communicate and listen to bodies and let them whisper to you what the person is truly willing to choose or not. By being willing to look at this and have this information, you can know where to devote your time and energy and what steps you can take to contribute to yourself and the world. 

In order to participate in the class you have to have another person to give and receive sessions with in the same physical space as you. You will give and receive full sessions twice, get guided facilitation from Siris and be given a manual detailing how to activate the Living and Dying Body Process energies in yourself and in others. 

Class Date:

1 Day Class ~ Saturday, November 7th, 2020 8am-3pm EST

**mandatory for certification**


Local Time: HERE

2 Hour Follow Up Online Meeting ~ Saturday, November 14th, 2020 1pm-3pm EST (optional)

Local Time: HERE

Included in Personal Investment: 

  • Audio recordings of the 1 Day class and the 2 Hour Follow up

  • Manual

  • Infographic

  • Facilitation from Siris Rivas-Verdejo

  • Certificate of Completion 

Payment Options:

1 Payment of $395 USD

2 Payments of $227 USD = $454 USD

Next group starts in 2021!

*** 1 Payment of $407 ***


***3 Payments of $169 USD = Total $507 USD***

~For EACH 3 Month Group~

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