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The Academy of the Seen and Unseen is for those of us that have been looking to have more of ourselves and for that to create community, connection and possibility. It's a haven for us who have felt lost and unsure of what next steps to take toward something different and greater by exploring different energies, getting in touch with our bodies and creating from awareness, choice, intimacy and movement in ways that have never existed on the planet before.

If you know the UNSEEN has been ignored for far too long and you get it's time to to silence the doubt, banish the fear and remove the veils.....

If you know the UNSEEN and the SEEN dance, flirt and play together continuously even if no one is acknowledging it.....

If you know that it's time to delve deeper into how to use your  awareness of the SEEN and UNSEEN to your advantage in order to holistically craft lives, businesses and bodies.....

If you know you'd like to discover and receive from your unique gifts while playfully enjoying the company of other seekers, innovators, non-conformists and originals.....

This is the place for you!

You are invited to participate in this very special space where you will receive facilitation, tools and activations to integrate your capacities into your body, into your reality and into day-to-day living, unleashing your power, creativity and what you have always known is possible!

Meet Siris Rivas-Verdejo,
Your Phantastical Facilitator and Guide on This Incredible Journey!


Your Phantastical Guide, Siris Rivas-Verdejo, will ask for what will create the most to open up the most possibilities for everyone using her experience as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Learning-Behavioral Behavioral, Life Coach and Energetic Healer, her awareness of where people are limiting themselves and infinite possibilities, the assistance of the Earth, Phantastical Creatures, Light Beings, Travelers, Entities, Spirits and anything else that would be a contribution to all of us having and being more in the world.

No matter what way you choose to engage within the Academy, you're asked to:

  • Be willing to be more present with ourself and receive more of ourself than ever before

  • Be willing to ramp up your awareness of the seen and unseen dynamically

  • Connect with the Earth, bodies and beings past, present and future

  • Choose beyond anything you’ve ever been told, considered or seen 

  • Perceive the lessons, guidance and gifts bestowed upon you 

  • Let go of anywhere you are functioning from limiting patterns

  • Be willing to be vulnerable with yourself and your fellow playmates for the benefit of us all

In what way, would you like to
play in the Academy?

Check back in to see updates on the Academy!

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