Advanced How to Become Money Workbook Call Series

What if money could be a vehicle for change? What would you create  and choose if you had more of it with ease?


The Advanced How to Become Money Workbook by Gary M. Douglas picks up where the original How to Become Money Workbook leaves off. It is full of more advanced questions and processes designed to facilitate the insane and limited points of view you have created around money and to create greater ease in your life--with a lot more money and currency flows.

This 6-part online call series with facilitation from Siris Rivas using Access Consciousness tools invites you to have way more fun with money and being the energy of what creates, generates and produces more of it.


  • An Access Bars class with any facilitator

  • A copy of the "Advanced How to Become Money Workbook"

  • It is recommended to have read and done the original How to Become Money Workbook 5x before doing this workbook. 

You Get to Choose How Much Change You're Willing to Have 

Which option will create the change you're looking for? 

Option 1: All 5 Calls Live for $75 USD

Option 2: All 5 Calls Live + audio recordings for $175 USD

Option 3: All 5 Calls Live + audio recordings + 30-minute Breaking Engagement with Limitation session for $275 USD

Option 4: All 5 Calls Live + audio recordings + 30-minute Symphony session + pdf of written clearings for $525 USD

Note: Email with questions and inquiries regarding other payment options. 


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