These Sessions are about...

…getting clear on what points of views you have that you've made into a limitation


…having what's true for you


...stopping the judgment loops that keep you from choosing what's going to work for you


…knowing what choices are uniquely available to you that maybe no one you know has ever considered


…having more allowance for you and for what other people choose


…and more!


My ability to choosing different instead of just differently than others with change, relationships, and creation allows me to perceive where people have blocked themselves in their lives and bodies and I'd love to use that gift to help you move through whatever changes you're asking for and considering with more ease. What if you could receive from everything and everyone, including you, with way more fun and ease? 

Using my unique facilitation style, we will be using verbal and energetic tools from different modalities to guide you past any limitations and into an awesome life, living and body!

Session Options:

1-30 minute session $50


3-30 minute sessions $165


5-30 minute sessions $225


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Siris Rivas

161 Carlisle Way,

Savannah, Georgia,


USA & Worldwide!

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