Bright Light Sessions

15-Minute Sessions
to Shine Up and Ramp Up the Light in You!

These sessions use Access Consciousness® tools via Skype or Zoom for people who would like fun, dynamic change jam-packed into 15 minutes that can reverberate throughout the rest of your life!


Have you ever had a chat with a friend or an unexpected stranger in which you leave the interaction feeling lighter and having a new take on your life? No topic or question is off limits and every bit of you will be received in a nurturing, pragmatic way.

These sessions can be a contribution to:

  • Parents seeking more ease, support and ideas for their children and families

  • Practitioners and facilitators who are already familiar with Access Consciousness® tools and would like further empowerment, tools and ease with their life, living and business

  • People new to energy work, bodywork and healing modalities who would like to try out Access Consciousness® possibly before choosing a class or event

In order to prepare for these sessions, please go to and listen to the audio recording to familiarize yourself with this powerful tool that we’ll be using in our sessions so we can jump right in!  

What Are People Saying About Bright Light Sessions?

"Siris is beyond words as a facilitator....her awareness with ease provides such clarity.  She comes with questions and is happy to give you a swift kick in the right direction, with a devious giggle on the side.  Her willingness to play with you and not make things drama or serious, when shifting things that may seem significant on the surface, allows for movement like no other....If you are looking for serious, linear facilitation she is not your person.  If you are looking for chaotic brilliance and change of magnitude, then don't hesitate to book a series of sessions with her now!"

~Tara McCallam, Energetic Expressions


Siris Rivas, M.A. CCC-SLP/LD is a Access Bars® Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator, and Access Energetic Facelift TM Facilitator. She is a catalyst for change, and plays language vixen as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Feeding Therapist and Learning-Behavioral Specialist. She perceives the light in you, your gifts, your capacities and what is true for you and offers it up to you for you to choose to receive it or not. She acknowledges what you have already created and what has already worked for you and then facilitates ways to add to that or exponentialize what is already working to create more ease, fun, joy, glory and abundance.


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