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"There are miracles and glory in every child.

Our glory lies in empowering them to flourish their glory."  


-Amit Ray

Children are super aware and such a gift to our lives and living! What if your child's difficulties, challenges and diagnoses are gifts and capacities? For some families it can seem like your child isn't being seen for who they truly are, their strengths and interests and the contribution they are to the world. What would it be like if you had a therapist who knew your child was a gift and that the world was better with them in it? What if you had someone who took into account the wealth of knowledge and awareness you have about your child and worked with you to empower them to have the life that's uniquely possible with them?  

This is a space for you and your child to be seen, heard and empowered to acknowledge what you already know,  to consider what else is possible for your child, for yourself and for your family! What would it take to expand your child's abilities with ease, joy and glory? What if it could be way more fun than you have ever considered?

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Screenings for children and students are complimentary. We can help determine if a formal evaluation is warranted in speech, language, learning and/or feeding. This can be conducted via phone conversation or direct observation. Recommendations regarding future evaluations and services are provided.



Consultations can be conducted via phone, webchat or in-person. After discussion of concerns and/or a direct observation, recommendations tailored to the child and family’s individual needs are provided which may consist of suggested services, evaluations, strategies and supports.


Private evaluations are available for Speech-Language, Learning-Behavior and Feeding concerns. Evaluations can be conducted in the home or in the school for children over 3 years of age. Testing protocols and areas assessed will be guided by expressed concerns and in line with what is required for the family and/or school to have more comprehensive knowledge and awareness of the child’s strengths and challenges in order to better support them and create an individualized intervention plan if appropriate.  


Early Intervention is a state-run program for children ages 0-3 years with special needs and their families. Evaluations in the home or daycare through the Illinois Early Intervention Program are available for Speech-Language and Feeding concerns. In order to assess your concerns, our team will coordinate with your local Child and Family Connections Office and other appropriate professionals. An evaluation, when warranted, would provide the family and/or daycare with information to guide intervention planning if appropriate.

Speech-Language, Feeding, Learning-Behavior


When treatment has been chosen, the child or student will have an individualized plan considering their strengths, gifts and interests in order to target the areas and skills that the child or student finds challenging. It is recommended that therapy include parent involvement and/or a home program in order to support the student’s progress.

Staff Development Presentations & Workshops

Ongoing professional development presentations and parent workshops are tailored to the needs of the organization and audience.

·         Speech & Language Development

·         Pre-literacy & Pre-Academic Skills

·         Social-Emotional Development

·         Team Work

.         Communication Systems in Multidisciplinary Teams

·         Working with Linguistically & Culturally Diverse                          Populations

·         Language Enrichment Activities for the Home &                          Classroom

·         Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

·         Identifying & Supporting Children with Special Needs

·         Working with Bilingual Children

·         Bilingual Sound & Language Acquisition

.         Self-Care for the Benefit of All in Work Place


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