Energy Work is a lovely way to nurture yourself and your body without having to think or do anything. You just lay back and receive and that in itself can be a wonderful gift to yourself and your life. Many people are so caught up in taking care of others, the go-go-go and adrenaline rush of life and this type of bodywork facilitates an ease with letting all that go and being totally present in their body and their being.  

Would you like a taste of a totally different possibility than you have ever considered before?

"Go and love someone exactly as they are. And then watch how quickly they transform into the greatest, truest versions of themselves.
When one feels seen and appreciated in their own essence, one is instantly empowered.”   
                                    -- Wes Angelozzi
Access Consciousness™ 


Access Consciousness ® is a system of tools, life-changing techniques and processes designed to empower you to create the life you truly desire. Practical, dynamic, and pragmatic, Access provides step-by-step processes to facilitate you in being more conscious in everyday life and eliminate all the barriers you have put up to receiving.

 These can be powerful tools for everyone including children with special capacities and their families, empowering families and creating more ease and joy between children and their caregivers and for individuals who would like more ease, joy and glory in their lives. 

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Access Consciousness
Body Processes

Access Body Processes can create more ease with and in your body via a hands-on energy technique which facilitates increased awareness and better communication with your body. Sessions are tailored to each individual person and body.


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Symphony Sessions
The Symphony Sessions are about energetic empowerment and change and it can invite you to open up to LIVING in a completely different way. These sessions allow you to start to truly access what is uniquely true for you and your body with gifting and receiving-- beyond everything that you bought as real. The Symphony Sessions are based on Access Consciousness tools and the energetic transformation work created by Dr Dain Heer. They can be provided remotely or in-person.
Phantastical Shamanism Sessions
What if you didn't have to protect yourself in order to play with, create with and receive from all the seen and unseen that you're aware of? Phantastical Shamanism invites you to use animal and spirit guides, musical and energetic instruments in guided meditations and journeying facilitated by Siris Rivas-Verdejo to tap into your potent innate power, clear limiting beliefs in order to have the life you desire. Sessions can be online/by phone or in-person.
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Phantastical Tantra
Phantastical Tantra Sessions
Phantastical Tantra sessions address wherever you aren't functioning from an enlivened way of being with yourself and your body. It empowers you to use choice and touch to be acutely, joyfully and intimately aware of your body and how to contributes to the creation of your life. Sessions can be online/by phone or in-person.
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