Empowering Light Materials in English

Multilingualism Clearing Audio: Have Fun with Many Tongues

This is an audio loop to energetically clear points of views and limitations that may be stopping you from having ease with learning different and new languages, including accessing your awareness around the energy in the verbal and nonverbal in communication. 

The questions were created by Siris Rivas and clearing statement isn Access Consciousness ® tool. For more information go to: theclearingstatement.com

Sexualness, Bodies and Energy with Children

Siris Rivas discusses the difference between sex, sexualness, sexuality, sensuality and copulation, bodies and energy in this zoominar. Participants brought up situations and questions around how to discuss, nurture and support healthy sexualness, communication with bodies without shame, blame, guilt, regret and judgment. Some Access Consciousness tools  were discussed in addition to other strategies and tools. 

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