Exuberantly You

This is a 4-week online program to delve into what's actually true for you sexually and beyond. What do you know about bodies, sexualness, intimacy and relationships? 

What if your age, your gender, your sexual orientation and your preferences didn't dictate how much fun you could have in and outside of the bedroom? What's beyond rejection, judgment and anything you've ever chosen before? 

Would you like to know more about open and poly relationships? What if you'd like to create relationships that include all of you and what lights you up no matter what dynamic you choose, including monogamy and singlehood? 

From connecting you to events and resources to discussing technique and cosplay....let's make this call series whatever you'd like it to be! Maybe you'll find your next partner in this group. What else is possible?

How much of the Exuberantly Sexual You

would you like to express? 

Option 1: 3 Calls/Week = 12 Zoom Live Calls

$75 USD

Option 2: 12 Zoom Live Calls + audio recordings for $101 USD

Option 3: 12 Zoom Live Calls + audio recordings + 1 hour Symphony session

$327 USD


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