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Exuberantly You with Relationships
8-Part Virtual Event

What if you could communicate more effectively

with others and with your body in your relationships?

What if you could have more clarity, enjoyment

and ease in your relationships?

Unlike anything you've ever done before, Exuberantly You with Relationships creates a platform for you to have your voice, clearly and confidently

through a willingness to do exercises that specifically guide you to

address three key components of relationships that nurture you,

expand your world and stand the test of time:

What do I truly desire to create and have?

What does my body have to say about my relationships? 

How can I create what I truly desire through a partnership with my body?

An 8-part virtual event that includes

  • Setting the Stage: Identify and clear limiting patterns and beliefs that you may be unconsciously using to create relationships and set the stage for how you will create relationships moving forward

  • Body Connection: Connect with the vibrancy of your body, it's awareness and how you uniquely receive messages from it so that you can ensure that your relationships are enjoyable to you and your body in a way that's sustainable and healthy

  • Communication: Know when to speak, what to say, and listen for key words and phrases in order to communicate more effectively and have your voice in relationships 

  • Building Up Confidence: Have clear awareness more and more to know what will work for you by how you present yourself, how you communicate, and what actions you take

  • Inclusion: Create relationships where you don't feel like you have to choose between yourself and others; Your needs and your voice in addition to the other person's are included so that not any one person's needs are more valued than another's. 

  • Taking Action: Take the steps to create the space for what you truly desire to show up and hold yourself accountable to choosing that more times than not. 

  • Be an Example: Embrace your influence and recognize that if you're willing to be an example for yourself, you invite others to have greater ease with their relationships as well.

  • Expanding Your World: Move beyond what you have seen anyone consider or choose with relationships before including what you have ever considered and chosen in order to expand your world. 


Would improving these areas have a positive impact and build momentum toward you having what you'd like to have?

Included in the Series:

  • 8 - 1.5-hour calls online

  • Exuberantly You In Relationships Worksheets & Checklists

What would connecting with your body more and including its awareness create
for your relationships?



Payment of $239 USD x 1



Payment of $132 USD x 2

(Total = $264 USD)

Payment of $103 USD x 3

(Total = $310 USD)

What People Are Saying About
Exuberantly You with Relationships

"Thank you for these calls. I've been enjoying listening to the replays. I really appreciate your honesty. You make no promises that people will stay together. Your lack of fear to say what many don't say inspires me to look at what else I can look at that I have been avoiding looking at with relationships."

"I've been using the tool you mentioned in Call 2 about connecting with the bodies of all my family members to make choices that benefit us all and have been feeling so much calmer and clearer when we go out in public...more than I have in years! Thank you!"


"The discussion on agendas in Call #3 was really eye-opening for me. I didn't realize how I had certain agendas running. No wonder I often felt confused by people's responses to what I was saying! I'm more aware now and can't wait to use all these tools to improve my communication!"


"I found myself avoiding listening to the 'Building Up Confidence' Call. I realize now that I didn't want to admit that I lacked confidence within my relationships, particularly with business and how I spoke with prospective clients. I thought I was invested in my success and yet I know now that if I don't look at this I haven't truly chosen to be successful in business. Thank you for kindly yet firmly guiding me to this awareness. I'm willing to work on my communication and confidence now."

Get a free copy of the "5 Questions to Stop Self-Sabotage in Relationships" HERE
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