Phantastical Creature Tour 

in Marseille, France

Your Power and Art of Being

a Phantastical Creature 

Live Class

**with French translation




$171 USD



Marseilles, France 


What is a phantastical creature?

Are you one them or many of them?

What would acknowledging your gifts and capacities with different entities and creature energies create?

This live and online class led by Siris Rivas invites you to:

  • Acknowledge your gifts and capacities

  • Explore the energies that resonate with you and add new ones

  • Play with art mediums to express your inner creature energies

  • Create with other phantastical creatures

  • Ask for the skills, entities and energies that will contribute to your life 

Prerequisite: The Elegance of Being a Phantastical Creature Intro Call. Grab it HERE

Choosing a Different Path:

3 Day Energetic

Exploration & Adventure

**with French translation




$1397 USD



Marseille, Les Baux-de-Provence, Carrières de Lumières, Montagne Sainte-Victoire~~France


Where has a certain path been projected and expected of you? Where have you chosen to create a life and living based on that instead of what you truly desire, what would actually be fun for you and what would work for you?

Where have you chosen a different path than others? What would choosing additional infinite paths create for you?

In this 3 Day Exploratory Course, we will be meeting each morning to discuss concepts and tools to get clear on where you have been choosing against yourself and what options are uniquely available to you and then we will take this information and put it into action in an excursion in the afternoon.


We will be identifying the areas of your life you’d like to target during the course and delve deep into transformative exercises with play, movement and bodywork.


Some possible themes include:  

Health and Body

Sex & Dating

Money & Business

Home & Family





SCHEDULE **Note: locations can change at anytime

Day 1 Morning:

Where are you…..?

  • Using Time to Define You

  • Fixing, Saving and Helping

  • Looking for a Result



Multisensory Awareness

Having All Energies at Your Disposal with Your Body

Receiving from the Earth


Day 1 Afternoon:

Body Excursion ~ Movement

Location: Montagne Sainte-Victoire


Day 2 Morning:

Where are you…..?

  • Ignoring Your Gifts and Capacities and Using Them Against Yourself

  • Lying to Yourself

  • Living Out Other People’s Lives and Expectations

  • Self-Sabotaging




Willingness to Change Anything and Everything

Creation of Your Life


Day 2 Afternoon:

Inspiration Excursion ~ Creating

Location: Carrières de Lumières & Artistic Playtime


Day 3 Morning:

Where are you….?

  • Killing Yourself

  • Ignoring Your Awareness

  • Ignoring or Rejecting Your Body




Creation and Creating

Being Different and Choosing Different

Day 3 Afternoon:

​Chaos Excursion ~ Ramping It Up

Location: We choose and create path together.

Bring with You:

  • Blanket(s)

  • Water bottle

  • Good hiking/walking shoes

  • Layers of clothing to be comfortable with changing temperatures

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Phantastical Creature Tour



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