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International Telecall

***Call will be translated into español, italiano

& português, romanian***

Is relationship a valuable component in your life? Do you invite it, or fight it?

What if your relationships could contribute and exponentialize your life?

Have you been creating what you desire and what you know is possible with relationships or functioning from other people’s points of views?

How much more communion, receiving and fun is possible than you have ever considered?

What would being the 5 Elements of Intimacy in totality create for your life, living and business?

In this call, Matt Bochsler and Siris Rivas will be bringing their individual and combined prowess and experiences about relationships. We propose that you come and play, explore and delve into the qualities, attributes and energies that you’ve been asking for in relationship.


Friday, May 10th  2-3:30pm CDT

Local time HERE



$43 USD


Play & Explore

Siris Rivas

161 Carlisle Way,

Savannah, Georgia,


USA & Worldwide!

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