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Money Your Way
Private Group

By popular demand! Our Money Your Way Group is back and raring to go! We had an amazing ride the first time and we can't wait to see what we create together this time around!

Are you ready to have your true financial reality and the financial freedom

you know is possible your own unique way?

In this private group, Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo will be guiding the group participants through the use of results-driven tools from all modalities, books, resources, systems and walks of life to facilitate an increase of current money flows and their creation of new revenue streams in fun, simple and expansive ways. 


Group participants receive

  • Themed monthly discussions voted on by the group where you receive tools, resources and coaching

  • ​The chance to network with and be inspired by other change agents, money playmates and badasses of magnitude! around the world 

  • 2 - Live 30 minute group calls each month

  • Audio recordings of all group calls for your archives

  • Downloadable organizational tools and pdfs to use anytime

Participants in Money Classes with Siris have reported:

"So grateful for what you have taught us this week Siris! I feel like I can not only use this for myself but also for my kids and clients. You make it so easy to see how you can apply this in so many ways! can't wait to keep exploring what I know about money!" ~ Anna C. 

"I received a check in the mail that I wasn't anticipating from an unexpected source this month! I know it's from what we have created together in this group. Thank you!" ~ Marie C.

"I've been so frustrated with money and business. I have been for a long time. Watching your videos and connecting with the other people in the group who are also making the demand of themselves to have something different show up has really motivated me to keep moving forward and stop letting myself get caught up in what could have been and where I have made mistakes. Love this group!" ~Victoria M. 


"Paying bills and even the idea of looking at my finances always stressed me out. I had a lot of resistance to some of the exercises you gave us at first, but you guided me through it and over time I am a lot calmer which allows me to get clear on what I can do moving forward." ~ Susan H. 


We start on Monday, October 18th!! 

Pre-register using button below to express your interest and for us to create a schedule based on the availability of the people interested in participating in the group. Thank you for playing an active role in the creation of this group and in the greater possibility we are creating together! 


Pre-register by October 1st and receive... 

...A free month of pre-recorded tools from the last Money Your Way Group and a free 15 minute Money Flow Analysis consultation with Siris

Find the time in your part of the world by going HERE


Personal Investment: $38 USD/month