Phantastical Creature Tour 

in North Carolina, USA

Empowering Kids to Shapeshift

Through Life Changes

Live & Online Class


August 30, 2019


$55 USD 


Do you find yourself wondering about what life and future your child will have? Do you ever wonder if you are doing everything possible to empower your child to life their greatest life? As magical educators, who have a very different way of being in the world, Siris Rivas-Verdejo and Sayler Shiningstar invite you to acknowledge what is right about you as a parent, teacher, therapist and as gift in the world and will be sharing tools in this class to empower yourself and the children you love and care for you have greater ease with all possible changes in life in order to have a more exuberant, joyful, expansive life and living that honors you and those around you.

What can it look like to shapeshift to create greater possibilities?

What can it create for you and those around you?

What unique capacities do you and your body have with this?


If you know you are a shapeshifter of magnitude and would like tools to consciously use these capacities to your advantage or if you’re not even sure what we’re talking about, but you’re intrigued by the possibility, come and play and bring a friend who likes the weird and different with you!

About Siris Rivas-Verdejo:

Siris Rivas is the owner of Empowering Light Language, Inc, where she provides a variety of pediatric services combining speech-language pathology, feeding therapy, learning-behavioral strategies and energetic modalities in a way that empowers individuals and families to choose more in their lives. She has a dual Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Learning Disabilities and is an Access Bars® Facilitator, Access Body Process Facilitator and Reiki Master Teacher.


She creates a nurturing, fun and expansive space for people to access their true selves and increase their awareness around communication, interpersonal relationships, culture, health, body awareness and language, to name a few. She has been working and playing with kids and families for as long as she could remember and loves addressing people's points of views, judgments and limitations to increase awareness, expand their world and create more fun, ease and adventure !


About Sayler Shiningstar:


Sayler Shiningstar's magical, gentle and peaceful nature is the way she is with children, families, education, animals, businesses, money, relationships, and living a fun and creative life. She invites you on an adventure of sensing your body and sensing with your body, into the energetic world, to see and be with you and others in a different way.


If you or someone you know is:


“too” sensitive or empathic

having trouble thinking

continually changing your mind


readying for more fun and joy in your family, home, business, relationships...


Her eclectic and curious approach to life and living, and more may be a beginning to greater ease and joy in your life.


Rev Sayler has created beyond a childhood and life of abuse and addictions, as a mom, woman, goddess, educator, and with multiple successful businesses. Sayler enjoys creating and facilitating with horses, nature, and the seen and unseen worlds with shamanism and a variety of other energetic tools. She's an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Energetic Facilitator, Reiki Master, Rebirthing Practitioner. Sayler also grew up in family businesses, she's been an early childhood classroom teacher; and she's worked running kids’ summer camps and horse camps.

Intro to Shamanic Power Class

Live & Online


Friday, September 28th




In this class, Sayler Shiningstar and Siris Rivas-Verdejo will be greeting each direction and the energies seen and unseen for each and introducing the class participants to receive and perceive gifts from all directions to contribute to their lives, creative pursuits and bodies. 

Pulling from different cultures, experiences and phantastical energies, they will guide the participants to uncover and acknowledge their power and knowing. What power is yours and is waiting to be unleashed? What if it is what the world is waiting and asking for?

Note: This class is an Intro to the live 1 Day Class in Wilmington, NC the next day. Scroll down for more information. 

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