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Self-Care for Parents and Educators to Get You to Summer

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

If you're not someone who works in Special Education, a parent of a child or adult with special needs, or someone who is close to a professional working in this field, you may not realize that from January onward it's a marathon of evaluations, report writing and meetings until an abrupt stop (except for those of us that work year round) at the end of the school year. Part of why this is the case is because the first half of the year teachers are getting to know their students, and instituting interventions to see if they respond without needing the more explicit, intense support of Special Education.

This often makes for longer work days, overflow onto the weekends and the need for rest and self-care, all the more when your time seems even more stretched than ever! Each year the demand for services goes up and up and as more and more people are leaving the schools for an innumerable number of reasons those of us dedicated to still provide the assessments, therapies and supports for these children and families need to make sure we release the stress and so do the caregivers that pick up the baton and keep the learning, growing and empowering going beyond the schoolyard.

For my fellow educators and colleagues, for the parents and caregivers who are these children's first and life-long teachers or anyone who is dealing with any overwhelm, I'm going to share 3 things I've been doing to relieve some of the stress so I can keep my cup as full of the energy, patience and love as possible.

#1 Find ways to add elements that bring you joy in the spaces that you're working, creating or connecting. Some examples include having a sitcom on in the background, lighting a candle with a relaxing scent, wearing clothing what lights your body up, or drinking something tasty to keep you hydrated and focused on the tasks at hand. For more ideas on how to care for yourself through your joy-based choices, watch the “Loving yourself through your joy” video HERE in the private Soaring Beyond Definition Facebook Group.

#2 Take a movement break at least once each hour. It doesn’t have to be a full workout, but it’s important to get the blood flowing and reset your attention clock with simple stretches, going up and down the stairs a few times or by doing some light calisthenics. I have my yoga mat near my desk so I’m always ready to squeeze in some sun salutations, twists or hip openers. This also helps my posture and circulation to offset all the driving and computer time.

#3 Set up a reward for yourself for when you’ve completed your required or desired tasks. Having something to look forward to can provide a mental or emotional lubricant to get you over friction points, dips in motivation or resistance to choosing the things that will get you closer to the life and living you’d like to have.

What works for you? What keeps your sane, positive or flowing with ease? Please let me know which of these tips you’ve used with success, which you’ll be adding to your repertoire or post your ideas below and let's invite each other to increase our self-care for the betterment of all. With more people increasing the quality of their lives, mental-emotional health or overall well-being more easily we can connect, communicate and create to consciously build a brighter world. Be Well My Friends. Be Well.


Resources: Choosing a Different Future with Siris podcast:

#ChoosingItAllYourWay #VirtualCoaching #BeingaDifferentPossibility #ChoosingaDifferentFuture #SelfCare #MentalHealth Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo is a Life Coach, Speech-Language Pathologist and Therapeutic Energy Worker, helps busy individuals and families who would like to use their difference, gifts and capacities to have a greater sense of joy, ease and clarity in their lives beyond what has been projected or expected of them. Schedule a consultation with her HERE.

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