Phantastical Creature Tour 

in Saint Louis, MO, USA

What Do You Know About Horses?

Horses As Guides

Live Class


Horses are amazing beings.  They have no judgment of us.  They simply show us who we are being in each moment.  What questions do you have for The Ponies?



July 20, 11am-2pm CDT


$145 USD


Three Creek Farm

71 Wolfrum Road

Weldon Springs, MO 63304


The Ponies invite you to come play, be curious, bring your questions and an open mind. Oh yeah, and be willing to receive.


We will be playing in groups and individually, increasing our awareness of space, bodies, and horses.


“Did you know that every animal, every plant, every structure on this planet has consciousness and desires to gift you?” Access Consciousness

As a guide or spirit animal, horses are powerful, protective, fast, change directions quickly, are gentle and caring, and they are aware of all that is around them. Horses can be many other things to the people they play with. I say play, because horses don't look at “things” as work. What can you receive from the horses and the others at the farm?


Class Facilitators:

Sayler is a space of quiet potency, curiosity, empowering you to ponder what is true for you and on your path. As a steward of the Earth and bodies, and a voice for the seen and unseen, she empowers you to follow your inner knowing and to ask the horses for their awareness and energies along the way.

Siris loves inviting people to whimsically, curiously and consciously receive from horses and with horses in their own unique way. Horses are now a part of all of her creations, after growing up in Chicagoland with limited interactions with them and discovering and acknowledging her capacities with them later in life. 

Are you ready to receive way more of yourself and what you know is possible and let the horses have your back? If so, see you soon!

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