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Family & Money: Can They Co-Exist

Live & Online Class



July 28, 2019


$35 USD 


How many of you were acutely aware of your family’s finances growing up? How much are you willing to be aware of it now? One of the things many people tend to do is cut off the infinite possibilities to creating, generating and having money with being a part of a family that could make family life and living way easier and more fun for everyone! 

What if it wasn’t just about getting bills paid or about meeting the “basic needs?” What is beyond what you have already been told about creating and saving money that you haven’t considered? 

This specialty taster class is about empowering you to know and choose what you will work for you and your family, to play with some tools to empower your kids and to invite you to have way more ease with receiving, having and generating more money.

Your Phantastical Voice in Dating

Live & Online Class


August 17, 2019  


$35 USD 


What if we didn’t rely on the verbal or any particular language to express ourselves and to receive from everyone around us? How quickly could you perceive what is true and what is a lie? This class invites you to tap into all of the “voices” available to you to illuminate what is fun, exciting and generative for you in dating yourself and others. 

From the seductive and alluring, assertive and demanding, arousing and intriguing to the demure and mysterious and everything in between what would you choose? What phantastical energies, seen and unseen, are truly your voice in dating? What if you didn’t have to pick just one? 

Come play with Siris Rivas-Verdejo and Sayler Shiningstar, your dating vixens who invite everyone around them to flirt, play and have way too much fun with dating your way.

Access Consciousness

Body Processes:

1 Day. 2 Classes


Saturday, November 16, 2019 9am-6pm EDT


One Body Process Class $125USD

Both Body Process Classes $200 USD


161 Carlisle Way

Savannah, GA 31419




Elimination & Eradication of Demon Infested Organs & Restoration of Life Inducing Possibilities Body Process

This process is not being explained so that your body can experience the energies in class. You will gift and receive sessions to your fellow class participants and receive guidance and facilitation from the facilitator. This body process invites your organs to function optimally for you to have improved health and vitality. 

1 Hour Lunch


Antalgic Shadows Body Process

Antalgic refers to positions assumed to avoid pain. Antalgic shadows clears the remnants of antalgic postures from other times, space, dimensions, and realities which distort posture and cause pain here. You will gift and receive sessions to your fellow class participants and receive guidance and facilitation from the facilitator. This body process invites your body to release pain, contraction and suffering from the past and present to have more ease and improved functioning and communion with your body in the future. 

Bring with You:

  • Blanket(s)

  • Pillow

  • Comfortable clothes

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