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Conscious and Phantastical Shamanism is very different than what many people think of when they think of Shamanism. In the classes and services offered, you are invited to play with shamanism from awareness, possibility and an honoring of what works for you and your body.

Intro to Shamanic Journeying Class Description: 

In this introductory class, we will be playing within, Modern Day 

or Conscious Shamanism.  Rev. Sayler Shiningstar  & Siris Rivas-Verdejo will lead you in creating space to journey and meet some of your spirit animal guides. If you already know your guides you might ask, “is it time for a couple of new animal totems, or an upgrade​?  

Sayler Shiningstar and Siris Rivas-Verdejo provide a space of quiet potency and curiosity, empowering you to ponder what is true for you.  As a steward of the Earth and bodies, and a voice for the seen and unseen, they empower you to follow your inner knowing and to ask your guides for their awareness and energies along the way.  

These classes are part of the Phantastical Creature Tour.

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$55 USD per class

Intro to Shamanic Power Class

Live & Online


September 28th




In this class, Sayler Shiningstar and Siris Rivas-Verdejo will be greeting each direction and the energies seen and unseen for each and introducing the class participants to receive and perceive gifts from all directions to contribute to their lives, creative pursuits and bodies. 

Pulling from different cultures, experiences and phantastical energies, they will guide the participants to uncover and acknowledge their power and knowing. What power is yours and is waiting to be unleashed? What if it is what the world is waiting and asking for?

Note: This class is an Intro to the live 1 Day Class in Wilmington, NC the next day. Scroll down for more information. 

Shamanic Power

1 Day Live Class


Sunday, September 29th 10am-6pm EDT


$350 USD


120 Yacht Basin

Landing Hampstead, North Carolina 




Siris Rivas-Verdejo and Sayler Shiningstar will expand upon the gifts uncovered and received from all directions, beyond those usually discussed, and the tools demonstrated in the Introductory class. They will be showing class participants how to play with color, elements and spirit guides (yours and others) to increase their awareness of the seen and unseen phantastical energies whispering to you, inviting you to more possibility and asking to create with you and your body. 


Incorporating music, movement and exercises to intensify your power, owning and claiming what has always been yours in order to unleash what you can uniquely contribute to the world !!


Bring with You:

  • Pillow, bolster and/or yoga block/mat to sit on

  • Blanket(s)


Any Intro to Shamanic Power or Shamanic Journeying class facilitated by Sayler Shiningstar and/or Siris Rivas

Power and Art of Being a Phantastical Creature

Live Class

in Marseille, France


Thursday, November 7th 6pm-10pm CEST



Marseille, France 


What is a phantastical creature?

Are you one them or many of them?

What would acknowledging your gifts and capacities with different entities and creature energies create?

This live and online class led by Siris Rivas and Sayler Shiningstar invites you to:

  • Acknowledge your gifts and capacities

  • Explore the energies that resonate with you and add new ones

  • Play with art mediums to express your inner creature energies

  • Create with other phantastical creatures

  • Ask for the skills, entities and energies that will contribute to your life 

  • Closed Facebook group

Prerequisite: The Elegance of Being a Phantastical Creature Intro Call. Grab it HERE

$171 USD per person

Being of Nature:

1 Day Shamanic Power Live Class

**with French translation


November 8, 2019  10am-6pm CEST


$325 USD



Marseille, France 


In this 1-Day class, Siris Rivas-Verdejo and Sayler Shiningstar invite you to greet, acknowledge and play with the entities, energies and phantastical creatures asking for your attention, your power, and your gifts in this interactive exploration. We will be: 

  • uncovering and acknowledging your gifts

  • co-creating with animal and creature guides 

  • playing with paint, water, energy and other materials with and on your bodies 

  • exploring the creature energies that resonate with you and adding new ones

  • clearing any blocks to receiving 

  • removing limiting beliefs that don’t resonate with what you’d like to create as your life, living and body

  • asking for the skills, entities and energies that will contribute to your life

  • communing with color and elements to increase your awareness of the seen and unseen phantastical energies 

  • inviting you to more possibility and asking everything and anything that would serve you and match what’s true for you to show up to create with you and your body. 


What if you have always been a Being of Nature? What does that uniquely mean for you? What if you could receive from the Earth and from yourself no matter if you’re in nature or not? 

What would it create for you and the world to be the Being of Nature you have always been and unleash that power into the world?

Meet Your  Facilitators:

About Sayler Shiningstar:

As a child, Sayler played in/with the unseen worlds, watching molecules change colors and transform into beings, walking between dimensions; communicating with animals, Earth, trees and weather beings- hearing, sensing and seeing beyond this reality.  


As an adult, she embodies the energies of Goddess and Conscious Shamanism, with elegance, intrigue, expansiveness and spaciousness; being a gentle, quiet, playful, and sometimes irreverent, invitation for you to choose the energies of journeying with ease. 


Sayler is facilitating groups internationally, with conscious shamanism, Access Consciousness tools and "The Ponies", generating the change.  What change have you been asking for?


“The Ponies” also see clients, facilitating energetically in person and online. They request you schedule with Sayler.


Rev. Sayler Shiningstar 

Conscious Shaman, She Who Listens To Horses, BF, AFF, BP, HMP

About Siris Rivas-Verdejo:

Siris Rivas-Verdejo grew up in the Chicagoland area and has many fond memories riding horses once or twice a year with family in Wisconsin. She heard passing comments about her grandfather owning horses and racing them in Puerto Rico, but she never considered herself a horsewoman or acknowledged her capacities with horses until the last few years after asking to play with horses more and exploring what awareness showed up when she did. So much has changed since she opened the doors to her receiving from horses and from herself with them!

Horses now are a part of all of her creations, from her communion with her body, the Earth and the people around her to her generative business pursuits and travel around the world facilitating classes. They accompany her energetically and contribute to her life, living, body and business continually to support her evolution and happiness. With just an ask and a willingness to receive whatever way it showed up, Siris has changed her relationship to horses, her own personal narrative and her journey in life for the greater. She loves inviting others to whimsically, irreverently and consciously receiving from them and with them in their own unique way and loves co-facilitating and creating with Sayler Shiningstar whose presence seems to exponentialize what shows up!


Are you ready to receive way more of yourself and what you know is possible and let the hoses have your back? If so, see you soon!


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