Taste of Communication with Ease

Is there someone or something that you would like to be able to communicate better with? Are there certain people, places or situations that paralyze you or make it difficult to express yourself? Maybe you'd like to learn a new language?


What would having ease with communication look like and be like for YOU? If you didn't judge yourself for other interventions, tools and strategies "not working" so far, what else would be possible?

Using Energetic Tools with Children with Special Capacities

This is an introduction to how to add some of these tools to your repertoire when playing and interacting with children with a variety of backgrounds, strengths and challenges. The underlying judgments and points of views that get in the way of progress and change in children and families was discussed. What has already worked that you aren’t acknowledging? What situations with children would you like more ease with? What areas of their development would you like ideas on?

Choosing It All

What has choosing only one, or even a few( but not too much!) created for you? Is that working for you or do you feel stifled, locked up and limited?


What if you could not just have ease with choosing more, but you could also have way too much fun with it!? What invitation would you choosing more be to your children, your friends, your family and the world?


We will be playing with tools, energies and possible choices to uncover and reveal what is uniquely available to you.

Are You a Sexual Healer?

What's true for you is light and what's not true is heavy. What do you know? When asked, "Are you a sexual healer?" did you feel lighter? Would you like to know why and more of what you can be or do with this information?


We would love to discuss what possible pathways, choices and fun can be available when you honor what's true for you.


Acknowledging this and using Access Consciousness tools in addition to other pragmatic tools to get really intimate and present with this capacity has totally

Speak Fluent YOU

What tools could you add to your life that would create what you'd like to create with your communication? What choices are available to you that you haven't considered with communication and self-expression? What questions can be asked to tap into what's right about you and what else is possible for you ?

In this Zoom online event, we will discuss this and more. You will walk away with practical tools to use for yourself and others, including but not limited to your family members and clients. How much more fun could you have?!

Are You a Beacon of Truth?

Were you one of those kids that could perceive what was true around you? Were the adults around you willing to see what was actually there, what was actually true and what was actually possible?

There are so many ways this can play out and show up. Are you around people who you suspect are lying to you? Would you like more clarity and ease with lies, truth and what is true for you?


During this call, we recognized, rediscovered and played with our capacities with lies, truth and what is true for you.

Co-Creating with Facilitators

Would you like to connect with Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators with ease? Are you an Access Bars ® or Body Process Facilitator that would like to be hosted in another state or country?

In this 1.5 hour online event, Lorene Hughes and Siris Rivas discuss their experiences hosting, co-creating and collaborating with other Facilitators in all different kinds of creations. Would you like to play around with some simple tools and questions that could assist you in creating with people around the world? Would you like to be connected with Facilitators eager to play with you?

Communicating with Your Creations

What Do Your Creations Require You To Be? Have you been willing to consider and play with the infinite energies at your disposal within you? What if communicating with your creations and those you co-create with were easier than you have ever considered?

In this play space, Lorene Hughes and Siris Rivas invite you to delve deeper into our discussion from the Co-Creating with Facilitators Online Event and exploring more ideas and questions to create ease in the creation process no matter what it is you’re creating in your life! You don’t have to have participated in the last online event to benefit from this one.

Patterns of Disharmony Part 1 and Body Edition

Are there any life changes, pressures or upcoming decisions showing up in your life right now that you'd like more ease with? Are you finding it difficult to take care of yourself or even find yourself amidst the chaos? 

What else is possible here that we haven't considered?! Here we can delve into all the ways that disharmony can show up in our lives and bodies ! In what ways are we ignoring, resisting and reacting to what our bodies are trying to communicate to us? What's right about what is going on with you and your body that you haven't acknowledged yet? 

Let's talk about it and consider other possibilities for how to manage and navigate change, shifts and chaos! Let's have fun with what we may have chosen, what others may choose and what we can choose if we are willing! 

2 Part Series Available! Part 1 & Body Edition $10 each. 

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