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What are the Elements of Living?

Are you ready to partner with all the energies available to you and your body in order to take control of how you create your life and be an example to others?

2 Influencers EoL.png


3 Distractors EoL Black.png


4 Door Openers EoL.png

Door Openers

5 Discoverers EoL Black.png
6 Outlaws EoL.png
7 The Powers EoL Black.png


Elements of Living Worlds.jpg


9 Celebrants EoL Black.png

The Powers

Elements of Living Destroyer.png

The Worlds



This self-paced series invites those who care for others to also care for themselves. It is for the educators, parents, leaders, healers, community-builders and innovators who would like to live lives of integrity where they do what they say they're going to do for their health and well-being and who would like to live in a powerful, impactful and influential way that honors what they know is possible for themselves and the world.

You'll learn about the 9 types of Elements of Living: 

  • Influencers

  • Distractors

  • Door Openers

  • Discoverers

  • Outlaws

  • The Powers

  • The Worlds

  • Destroyers

You'll receive content straight to your email inbox that firmly and lovingly guides you to tap into your inner knowing about what Elements of Living (or archetypes) are activated, asleep, hidden or blocked. 

  • What does each type entail?

  • How can we communicate and partner with them?

  • How can we identify our gifts and capacities with them?

  • How can we integrate our awareness of them and use it to our advantage? 


9 x  45 minute calls

Price: $89 USD 



Full 60 Minute Session for $125 USD

Total Price with Add-On: $214 USD 

What Elements of Living Would Like to Create with You Today? eBook

Intro eBook Elements of Living Have a Spa Day Cover.jpg
Intro eBook Elements of Living Water Your Garden Cover.jpg
Intro eBook Elements of Living Get Creative Cover.jpg
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