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Living and Dying Body Process


What if you can awaken to more exuberant living?

The Awakening Class 

Living & Dying Body Process
Created by Siris Rivas-Verdejo

Siris Rivas-Verdejo has created an energetic body process that invites you to be aware of where you are truly choosing to live with your body and where you are killing your body and possibility. It is particularly effective for people who would like to care for themselves as they care for others. It takes into account where you are aware of other people who are willing to live and thrive and who is destroying their futures, killing their bodies and considering death.  

In this Awakening Class, Siris Rivas-Verdejo will introduce you to an extraordinary energetic body process she developed. This process aims to bring greater clarity to your understanding of living and dying, empowering you to create with joy and ease limitlessly. Through interactive discussions, you'll learn the art of communicating with bodies, allowing them to reveal what each person truly desires to choose or not. Armed with this insightful information, you'll gain direction on where to focus your efforts and how to make meaningful contributions to both yourself and the world around you.

What do you know about life and living?

What do you know about death and dying?

How much is not being at the affect of
living and dying worth to you? 

Receive a Private Session

Coming Soon!

Siris will be hosting in-person classes and online live streaming classes throughout 2024. This will be a group coaching program designed specifically for individuals desiring a greater connection to their bodies and inner knowing to create more exuberant living.

Message us below to get on the wait list or to request a class near you!

Recent Classes

What if you could team up with your body and the bodies around you to unlock greater possibilities?

Greetings, Body and Bodies alike. In our journey of connecting with our physical selves and embracing the Earth's energies, we'll delve into the art of communicating with bodies to tap into their hidden strengths using the gentle Living and Dying Body Process. Through this process, you'll gain the tools to harness your awareness, innate talents, and capabilities in a transformative way.

Our exploration will encompass a spectrum of powers, encompassing moments of immense strength and intensity from your past, present, and future. This journey offers a clear vision and an intuitive understanding of how to take decisive actions at the right moment. Rather than feeling powerless or undervalued, you'll leave with a sense of empowerment and worthiness, ready to declare and create everything you desire and more.

We'll also work on liberating any areas where you've felt weak or trapped in cycles of victimhood, paving the way for fluidity in your choices and movements. This newfound freedom will allow you to navigate the world with confidence and create a life full of vitality and joy.


Date: Saturday, June 8th
10am-4pm CST


Register By Clicking HERE


Midwest Witchery and Healing
324 Main St S #7, Stillwater, MN 55082


Ohio Awakening Class Banner - Unleashing the Hidden Gems within You

Jessica Bentley Skin Spa
5131 Post Road, Suite 103
Dublin, OH 43017
(next to Columbus, OH)

Each of us have powers, gifts and strengths that can be used to create phenomenal lives.

Do you know what yours are? Are you using them?

What if you could uncover, explore and utilize the hidden gems within you even more?

The energies of the Living and Dying Body Process gently reveal your awareness of your body, the Earth and those around you and through the words and movements we play with in the class, we get to unlock our gifts so that we can have the information and clarity on how to unleash our treasures. Our presence, our vibration, our capacities and our choices are a gift. Are we willing to treat them and ourselves with the respect they deserve?

After this class, you will have a simple, powerful tool that will allow you to respect yourself and the gems within you to have greater exuberant living. 

Chicago Awakening Class Banner - Coming Home to You


In-Person Location:
Complete address sent with registration. 
Private Residence near Lawrence Ave & Kostner Ave 
Chicago, IL 60630

**Note: Log in Information for Virtual Participants sent by email with registration

How much more grateful can we be for our bodies and the home they provide us? 

As we create our homes we can speak to them and ask them questions with our bodies to ensure that how we decorate them, interact with them and who we invite into them matches the energy of what we desire and what will be nurturing to us. We will be inviting more gratitude and ease into our lives and homes through these gentle sessions as we look at what we have chosen so far and what we can choose moving forward. 

Are you ready to come home to more of you?

Introductory Classes

Created by Siris Rivas-Verdejo

The Serenity & Joy Possible For You with Living and Dying Banner

Part 1
The Serenity & Joy Possible For You with Living and Dying

Many of us resist change and what the endings of things can bring to us and contribute to us. Many of us have lost loved ones, or miss our loved ones in a different way given recent events. What if we can connect to the many living phantastical creatures and those that have passed that would still like to stay connected with us and create with us?

In this call, Siris demonstrates how to do one of the hand positions of the Living and Dying Body Process she created. The space provided during this candid discussion about an oftentimes taboo or uncomfortable topic is an invitation to uncover all that has died in you and in your life and to discover the many ways you can still receive from those that have passed. If we didn't believe anything and anyone was lost forever how much more phantastically could we live our lives?


Being the Invitation to Living and Dying Banner

Part 3
Being the Invitation to Living and Dying

Part 3 delves into a third hand position for the Living and Dying Body Process Siris Rivas-Verdejo created where you acknowledge, discover and unlock your gifts and capacities with inviting others to live more dynamically, with an increased presence with their bodies and through more communion with everything and everyone around them. Their feelings, thoughts, emotions being fuel to your living instead of you being at the effect of them.

What if other people's thoughts, feelings, emotions, choices and no choices stoked the flames of your creative juices, added to your clarity and contributed to what you'd like to create as your life?
You get a chance to learn about and experience the energies in this body process and ask questions about how to use this for whatever you truly desire to create. ​

Activating Your Creative Capacities with Living and Dying Banner

Part 2
Activating Your Creative Capacities with Living and Dying

The discussion continues in part 2 of this series. In this call, Siris  Rivas-Verdejo demonstrates the second hand position for the Living and Dying Body Process she created. You get a chance to learn about and experience these energies further in addition to asking questions about how to use this for creating a life worth living for yourself and your loved ones. 

What if you created a live that continually awakened you to more hope, joy and possibility? What kind of legacy would you like to leave behind and are you choosing now what will bring that to fruition? This and more will be addressed in this call. 

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