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Empowering Light Language LLC

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Choosing a Different Future with Siris Podcast banner

Choosing a Different Future Vodcast

What if you could be more connected to your body, use language and communication to express yourself in your own unique way and shift your mindset and create a life beyond definition or limitation? This show is for people who are different and care about people that connect, communicate or create differently, out-creating the projections and expectations impelled upon them. Together we can choose the futures that include more of us and that work for us individually and together.

Siris Raquel uses her gifts to guide listeners to connect with their bodies, their awareness and other insightful, inspiring, and nurturing change agents around the world so they can have more ease with partnering with their bodies, communicating more effectively, creating expansively, and receiving infinite possibilities their way. 

The podcast broadcasts to 450+ podcast and smart TV platforms. Subscribe today!


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