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Being a Different Possibility

Family and Child Coaching Sessions

These exceptional family and child coaching sessions are for parents and caregivers who know more is possible for their children and are looking for someone who will recognize and acknowledge the gift their child is to the world and use their magic and difference  to catapult their success and increase their happiness while joyfully collaborating with the family, connecting the dots for them and looking out for the entire family's well-being through an empowering, caring and personalized program of comprehensive and holistic sessions integrating evidence-based practices, multi-sensory supports, dynamic energetic tools and easy-to-implement exercises so that they feel like they can be effective life-long advocates for their child to have lives beyond what has been projected and expected of them.

These sessions invite you to:

  • Recognize the strengths, interests and capacities of your child and family 

  • Connect with your awareness and be clear on what you know about what will and won't work for your child

  • Identify the areas in which you would like to have more clarity, ease, change and faster results 

  • Determine what is either slowing down progress, undermining advances or  dishonoring your child and family

  • Be connected with other professionals who will see you and your child as the gift you are and who will add to you getting the results you seek

  • Know all of the possibilities available to you that you may not have considered or heard of before while partnering with your body (Consistent with the Choosing It All Your Way Program)

  • Be more conscious of what you choose to do, say and be to feel empowered, capable and knowledgeable


being a different possibility for childr

Receive a FREE copy of the "Being a Different Possibility for Children" eBook HERE

We'll be creating an action plan that consists of a set platform for success with any elements from the add-ons section that you would like as part of your customized program in order to ensure that your child and family's particular needs are addressed. 

All sessions include: 

Initial Orientation Meeting

Completion of Family and Child Questionnaire


Family Observation with detailed feedback and tips

Home environment analysis

Review of therapists, professionals and educators working with the child

Add-on any of the following:

Comprehensive Speech-Language Evaluation in English and/or Spanish

Extensive Learning-Behavioral Analysis for Child and Family

Feeding/Swallowing Recommendations  

Consultation and collaboration with child's teachers and interventionists

Special Being a Different Possibility Price for Awakening Class INFO HERE

Mediation and advocacy in school meetings or medical appointments

Address foster care/adoption issues

Clearing issues of Abuse/neglect 

Connections to other service providers, therapists and medical professionals

Determine language dominance/proficiency

Caregiver Self-care Recommendations 

Parent/Caregiver workshops

Schedule a 45-minute Consultation for $50 USD HERE


10 - 45-minute online/phone sessions in approximately 3 months

Summary email with notes from each session

Dedicated private folder for your notes, visuals and checklists 

Audio/video recording of of any demonstrations of exercises or tools

Written reports within 3 weeks for any evaluations conducted

Expansive Energies Group membership INFO HERE

50% off of self-paced courses INFO HERE

Monthly Group Facilitation Calls

Awakening Class Included INFO HERE


$2400 USD (valued at $3500 USD) 

***Past Participants BEFORE January 2023 can renew using THIS LINK

**** Past Participants AFTER January 2023 can renew using THIS LINK (20% discount)

1 Payment
$2400 USD

What are families saying?

We have had many different speech therapists for our son. Sessions where it was Q/A or so dry and uninspired that I was even bored.  It's been a long time that we felt that someone "got" our son but Siris does. She has a very keen understanding on how to create a session with him that he participates in and enjoys. It's also a unique change to actually have someone help guide you through a session and help you navigate what your child needs in order to be engaged. I am now observing my son through a better lens. What does his body need? Is he bored? Is the session too slow or fast? Does he need a break?  I see my son asking and answering questions, showing enthusiasm and excitement.

Just because your child doesn't "perform" doesn't mean that they are not capable.  You just need the right person who has the right approach to help your child grow.


Thank you Siris!

So happy to have met you.


Lisa C.

Siris has been working with our son for approximately 3 years.  She first served as a consultant to his regular speech therapist – since Siris was well-versed in apraxia.  She then became our son’s regular therapist and has been working with him via Zoom for about 2 years.


Siris’ approach is working with the whole family and child.  She is very interested in what he is experiencing day to day – socially, physically, emotionally.  She integrates all these pieces in her approach, and she is knowledgeable about all these pieces, too.


Our son has both speech delay as well as apraxia.  He also has developmental delays.  Over the time that our son has worked with Siris, his articulation has improved immensely.  He is also able to engage in short conversations with people, taking turns in asking questions, providing information, etc.  Siris has also been working with our son on his grammar.  Since he is not a native English speaker, she has helped him make significant gains in grammar such as past tense, pronouns, plurals, verbs including irregular verbs, and using “do” vs “does”. 


Our son has a very good rapport with Siris.  She is so attuned to the emotions of the child during therapy and knows when to switch up activities.  She is also very proficient at teletherapy (as she has been doing it for a long time).  She has many visual activities and kinesthetic activities to engage the learner. 


We are so pleased with the progress our son has made, particularly during the time he has been working with Siris.


Celia B.

Ms. Rivas has been an awesome speech therapist for my son. She’s the only one who’s been consistent the last few years and during the pandemic. My son is able to answer questions with little prompts, have a conversation and sequence sentences about videos and stories. She supports our efforts in incorporating these skills into his daily routines. He wasn’t able to do any of this before we started with her two years ago and I was indirectly, and sometimes directly, told that this would not be possible for him to ever be able to do from other therapists and educators. As soon as I met her, and she started working with my son, I knew something different was going to show up. He is so happy to see her and working with her has given me so much peace of mind and clarity on what will work for my son now and moving forward.

Katherine T.

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