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Group Coaching Program

This group coaching program are for people who would like to get clear on what type of business would work for them by identifying their unique gifts and what people would pay them money for even if they are unsure as to how they can use them to be exuberantly and joyfully themselves while being successful in business through this supportive, dynamic and self-paced program of 10 Zoominars addressing different areas of business from organizational, financial, energetic, and work-life balance with multi-sensory, practical tools and resources so that they can thrive in life and business beyond the 9-to-5, exchange of time for money, traditional business models many choose to explode all limitation to having flexible, varied, multiple revenue streams. 

These 10 live Zoominars invite you to:

  • Get clear on what type of business would work for you

  • Identify which business ideas would like to be implemented first

  • Generate and implement ideas for your business that would make it accessible, discoverable and successful

  • Connect and communicate with your body and business and their awareness in order to partner and create with them more effectively

  • Identify anywhere you aren’t willing to be or do what is required to do business your way and be guided beyond any self-imposed limitation

  • Generate the words, images and concepts that will upgrade your business

  • Acknowledge your unique money and business gifts and ramp them up

  • Identify any blocks or limiting beliefs you are unconsciously using to stop yourself

  • Network and collaborate with other budding and veteran entrepreneurs

  • Access secrets to outcreate fear, doubt and competition

  • Know all the infinite choices available to you to create a business that continuously makes you money and contributes to you and the world!

Siris Rivas-Verdejo has a global business that continues to expand and thrive consisting of live and online sessions, workshops, and multi-day classes available in different languages. She has a gift with connecting people to themselves, their bodies, other businesses and inspires through her whimsical and poignant faciltation style. She invites people to have and choose what's true for them in all areas of their life including business.


The concepts, ideas and information in this coaching program comes from her own experiences, her clients' journies and her avid research about money and business in order to be on the cutting edge of conscious, exuberant creation for almost 15 years.

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We will have the following dedicated topics which have their own questions, organizers, and tools for you to download for your archives in order to provide you with the resources to tap into your awareness about what will work for you in business:

  • Acknowledgment: Discovering and acknowledging your unique gifts and capacities

  • Clarity: Get clear on your strengths, difficulties, blocks and the energy and voice your business. 

  • Generation: Using the energy, voice, and style of your business and what will work for you to generate ideas for your business. 

  • Implementation: Logistics, finances and legal aspects of business implementation. 

  • Organization: Tools to stay organized, sane and in the flow. 

  • Visibility: Platforms, strategies and creative ways of being more visible, discoverable and accessible.   

  • Vulnerability: Public relations, seduction, and the pragmatism of vulnerability.

  • Expansion: Adding to your business through employees, locations, creations and more! 

  • Thriving Now and in the Future: Choosing what will work now and create more for the future and ways to out-manipulate competition. 

  • Ask Anything Q & A: A chance to ask anything you haven't gotten a chance to ask so far. 


  • Begins April 14th for 10 weeks

  • 10 - 1-hour live Zoom calls 

  • Closed Facebook Group with all video replays

  • Audio recordings of all calls

  • Downloadable documents of questions, organizers, and tools for your reference

  • Creation and networking space to connect with other budding and veteran entrepreneaurs



$774 USD 

Early Birds: If registered by April 7th you receive the 3-part Art of Seducing Your Business teleseries with audio recordings for free.  

Current & Past Choosing It All Your Way Premium Coaching clients receive a 25% discount = $580. 50 when they choose the 1 payment option. You can redeem your discount with this payment button.

1 Payment
$774 USD
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$423 x 2 =
$846 USD
4 Payments
$294 x 4 =
$1174 USD

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