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Choosing It All Your Way

Note: The guiding principles and exercises for these premium sessions came from information and awareness received from a variety of systems of tools, modalities, resources, trainings and experiences that have been synthesized into the Choosing It All Your Way Classes and continues to evolve from feedback from premium Choosing It All Your Way coaching clients. 

Premium Coaching Sessions


These sessions are for people who seek to have more joy with their bodies and the world knowing they have unique gifts yet may be unsure as to how they can use them to be successful and happy while having more ease choosing and creating faster through an individualized, empowering, nurturing program of 1-on-1 sessions combining different practical, resourceful, energetic and life-changing tools so that they can have the life, body and business beyond their wildest imaginings.

These online/phone sessions invite you to:

  • Connect with your body and its awareness in order to partner and create with it more effectively

  • Identify anywhere you aren’t willing to be or do what is required to create more and be guided beyond any self-imposed limitation

  • Acknowledge your unique gifts and ramp them up

  • Let go of the past and enjoy your present way more!

  • Access secrets to outcreate mental chatter to choose faster

  • Create empowering and mutually beneficial creationships in all areas of your life with both men and women

  • Know all the infinite choices available to you to create a present and future that lights you up!

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We will be looking at anywhere you are doing any of the following and go through tailored exercises and home practice to choose beyond any of this in your own extraordinary way in the areas of your life you’d like to target during the program:

  • Killing your body

  • Using time and age to define you

  • Fixing, saving and helping

  • Looking for a result

  • Ignoring your gifts and capacities

  • Using your gifts and capacities against yourself

  • Lying to yourself 

  • Living out other people's lives and expectations

  • Self-sabotage

  • Cutting off your receiving

  • Hoarding

  • Perfectionism


In what areas of your life are you not Choosing All of You with Your Body?

| Health & Wellness |

| Sex & Dating |

| Money & Business |

| Relationships |

| Communication |

| Education & Learning |

| Home & Family |

| Leisure & Travel |

| Something Else |


  • 12- 45-minute online/phone sessions in approximately 3-6 months

  • Audio recordings of sessions

  • Home practice between sessions, exercises and visual referents

  • Action plan and exercises individually tailored to your gifts, targets and needs 

  • Unlimited email/text support during the duration of the program

  • 50% off self-paced courses

  • Includes Awakening Class


**Partner sessions are available. You can choose between having all sessions together or sessions partially together. 

***Special Being a Different Possibility for Children Coaching Program price available for Choosing It All Your Way Coaching clients

sunset on a beach


Meet Vanesa

Meet Angela Rose

Meet Linda

Meet Monica

Meet Lynn

Meet Lisa

Working with Siris is always a unique experience. She consistently pushes me out of my comfort zone so that I can access my greater self, helping me to realize what is possible. This last project involved writing content for my website, something I had been avoiding for a while. I felt extremely blocked on sharing my story, and believed it needed to be written from a heavy, trauma-based place.


Siris quickly maneuvered me out of that and helped me connect with a much more dynamic energy of my business, without the trauma.... I then realized that my body and my business can work in harmony with each other.

What a relief! Through these sessions, I was able to expand yet remain true to myself and choose it all my way.

~Julie S.

Less judgement and more joy were just two things I was asking for more of in my life. Four weeks into The Choosing it All My Way program with Siris Rivas and guess what I've got? A joyous, calm, spacious ease, that bubbles throughout my molecules, yum!!  

The willingness to really look at everywhere I am functioning from, without judgement. Look at it with curiosity and question, and the willingness to turn it 180 degrees and acknowledge the gift in it. So cool, so much gratitude for Siris. I wonder what else is possible? 

~Lisa L.

During the Choosing It All Your Way Program, I felt supported, guided and challenged to look at a lot of things in a different way, and was given tools to start making changes. I feel like I know more clearly what will and won’t work for my body and in my relationships. I am less reactive to the people around me and less judgmental of myself which has given me an increase in self-confidence. I know I am valuable and that my feelings and thoughts have worth now and yet don’t have to define my experience or my choices which is a big change for me.

~ Amber L.

Siris helped me open myself to possibilities and opportunities I would have rejected or missed previously. Siris has taught me the meaning, opportunities, and joy that come with gratitude. She brings a unique perspective to each of her classes. I live and love with more ease and joy! I have increased my communication with my body. I enjoy life more fully and create with joy. I am thankful for these classes and know that everyone can take something out of each session to benefit themselves and the world around them.

~Kay M.

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