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Using What You Know During Challenging Times

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

It’s easy to use the Access Consciousness® tools when things are going well. When life is giving you lemonade instead of lemons, sure let’s POD POC everything every once in a while. Now when the shit hits the fan, sometimes literally, like when you’re sick on the toilet, or a family member is dealing with addiction or you and your partner are growing apart, you may forget to use the tools. Don’t. That’s exactly when the tools are required most.

Access Consciousness ® tools can pull you out of the worst of situations, if you use them. I’ve used them when sick out of the country traveling on my own, asking questions to get awareness around what my body required to recuperate quickly with ease. I’ve used them when my brother was hit by a car, hit and run, asking “What’s right about this we aren’t getting yet?” It was that he had a grapefruit-sized tumor in his chest shoving his trachea over and down and pushing on his aorta that wouldn’t have been discovered if he hadn’t been hit by the car. Through his chemo treatments, we used Access Consciousness® tools such as “How does it get any better than this?” and “What else does his body require?” and gave him body processes which created ease in his body to make the chemotherapy more pleasant. Yes, you read that correctly. Pleasant. He was still himself: the goofy, sweet guy we know and love during a time in which other people would have been throwing up, exhausted and miserable.

I’ve used them when I was confused and lost and didn’t know what to do with my business or money situation. When my bank account balance was lower than my credit card balance? Oh yeah, you better believe I was using the tools! I’ve even used the tools with friends and clients. Maybe you think I’m being, flippant or overly optimistic. I invite you to use the tools and if you don’t know of them, grab one of numerous Access Consciousness ® books, take a class or have a session with a practitioner. I’m so grateful for these simple tools, questions, and body processes. The mantra of Access Consciousness® is: All Life Comes to Me with ease, joy and glory. Are you willing to have more ease, joy and glory in your life even when life seems dismal and difficult and that seems impossible? Siris


Access Consciousness:

Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo is a Life Coach, Speech-Language Pathologist and Therapeutic Energy Worker, who helps busy individuals and families have a greater sense of joy, ease and clarity in their lives so they can create phenomenal lives by prioritizing their self-care through connection, communication and community. Join her Expansive Energies Group HERE or Schedule a private session with her HERE

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