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Living for a Greater Life

Updated: Mar 17

Driving along the roads of New Zealand epitomizes for me the idea of life getting better and better. Every few kilometers (or miles), the scenery changes, from sparkling lakes to rolling green hills, from snow-capped mountains on the horizon to vast open valleys, from bright-colored, flirtatious lupine flowers to pensive silver beech trees. When the sun is shining and even when the fog tickles the tops of the mountains, it’s all wondrous! It’s breath-takingly magnificent and it just keeps getting better!

If you had told me 10 years ago, I would be here, I would have told you “You don’t know what you’re talking about! Scram!” I didn’t have access to a lot of the capacities required to travel abroad for an extended period of time. I was chronically sick, with an immune system that was underground; I had chronic body pains and headaches. For a decade, from November through March, I was constantly sick with infections and bronchitis, even though I was taking allergy medicine, nose spray and an inhaler twice daily year-round. My body didn’t work like other people’s and Western medicine treatments had little effect or they made things worse. The doctors told me, “If you don’t change something soon, you’re going to get pneumonia and die.” Thanks Doc! Ya got any ideas that won’t kill me!? They didn’t. So I asked myself, “What else can I try that I haven’t tried yet?” Fortunately, my mom heard of a naturopathic doctor in a suburb near us, Dr. Rev. Barbara Rocha, and my journey to a greater life with more ease began. She created an individualized treatment plan for me and my body, and she included energetic modalities and alternative approaches which rebuilt my immune system in 2 years. How does it get any better than that!?

During this time, I took Reiki classes and became a Reiki Master/Teacher. From that point on, anytime I was in pain, stressed, anxious (I had insomnia and was sleeping 3-4 hours a night around this time), nauseated, you name it--I would give myself Reiki! I can’t express to you what a gift this was! To know that it was possible to live without all this dis-ease and that I didn’t have to plan, actually more accurately contract and limit my life and activities, around what was going on with my body. To know that I had the capacity to heal myself! Whaaaat!? For realz!?

After my body transformation, the first of many, I chose to take small trips here and there as often as possible. When I travel, I let go of the roles I take on at home (e.g., being a daughter, a partner, a sister, a business owner, a therapist, etc.) and just explore. Just be. I get in touch with who I truly am when I travel. I get new ideas for what to create in my life and I learn so much about the world and myself! I had been desiring to live and travel abroad for a prolonged period of time since I was in college. In college, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to study abroad given my degree program unless I wanted to be in school for 5 years instead of 4 years. Not something I chose, given that I was already working 3 jobs while studying full-time, and my mom was adding on extra work to make ends meet.

A few years ago, another major change happened in my life. My mother gave me my first Access Bars ® session and I was hooked! An Access Consciousness—The Bars ® or Access Bars ® session consists of someone gently touching 32 points on your head and using energy, not pressure, you release limitations in any area of your life. I loved it! I got up from it feeling so relaxed and so….present. I wasn’t thinking about my to-do list; I wasn’t judging my body; I wasn’t worrying about my family and friends. It was amazing! I began reading Access Consciousness ® books and playing with the different Access Consciousness ® tools. It was fun. It was easy. I became aware of the ways in which I had been limiting my life and became even more in tune with my healing capacities, my gifts with working with bodies, and my relationship with the Earth. It has completely changed how I perceive myself, how I connect with other people and facilitated so much more ease and joy in my life!

This past Spring everything changed again. I went to Vancouver and took the Access Consciousness ® Foundation class. In the class, many of the points of views that I was basing my life on shifted or disintegrated. Not sure how else to describe it. I was willing to be more of me and step up in my life in a way that I hadn’t been willing to before. I was willing to choose me no matter what. I came back from the class and using Access Consciousness ® tools, sold my condo in a week and began considering jobs abroad. Even though I was offered jobs in other states and in China and was awaiting news about a job in Italy, it felt heavy to pick one location to work in and live. I wanted to flit around and play in the energy of different places before choosing if I would move and where I would move to. To ask, “What would it be like to live here?” and “What would it be like to live here?” as I visit different places.

I’m brought to tears with gratitude for choosing ME and for choosing to be here no matter what it took. I’m grateful for this Earth who gifts to us every day in amazing ways. I keep saying, “Thank you,” and asking, “How does it get any better than this?” an Access Consciousness ® tool which keeps the doors of possibility open. Awesome things, in the true sense of awe-some, keep showing up. What would it take for me to live my life no matter where I’m at with the attitude I have while driving along these beautiful New Zealand roads? What else is possible for me now?

I remember that girl who was hunched over blowing her nose into tissues and freezing in pain. That girl who had no idea of the lives she would change by being and honoring herself, including her own. She did know one thing though. She knew that her life could and had to be greater than it currently was and was willing to keep trying out new things to create the life she truly desired. What’s something you could choose today that honors you and the greater life you’d truly like to have? What would it create in the world if people were willing to live for a greater life instead of a long life? What else is possible for you that YOU haven’t considered?



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Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo is a Life Coach, Speech-Language Pathologist and Therapeutic Energy Worker,who helps busy individuals and families have a greater sense of joy, ease and clarity in their lives so they can create phenomenal lives beyond what has been projected or expected of them. Explore her complimentary library of eBooks HERE or her self-paced courses HERE

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