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Do you know what 75% of my business is?

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

It just struck me. Do you know what 75% of my business is? Reminders. Yes, reminders. Verbal reminders, physical touch, text reminders, calendar notifications, emails and conversations that give you those “A-ha!” moments we love.

People come to me to be reminded of who they are, to feel hope when they are feeling hopeless, to know more clearly what they are capable of, to recognize that there are people in the world who are grateful for them.

No matter if it’s Family-Child Coaching, Speech-Language Therapy, Relationship Coaching or Therapeutic Energy Work, every part of my business consists of reminders.

Some examples of the reminders I’ve given just this week include:

You got this. You're capable.

Remember, _____ is your love language. Have you let them know that it is?

Your child is a gift. Who gets the joy of discovering and engaging with them?

Your body speaks to you. What is it telling you about this?

Hey, what do you need to do to say that your way?

I had no idea how much of my days are taken up with this and what a vital part of my business it was until I was listening to Oprah Winfrey being interviewed on the "We are supported by..." podcast where they talk with trail blazing women who have broken ceilings. She handed out so many gems and at one point she gave this tip:

Your knowingness is as powerful as anybody else’s. Your real job in life is to connect to that inside yourself so that the fullness of who you are gets to shine through, gets to be expressed so that other people can see that themselves.

She reminded me of what I used to do that I've been choosing without realizing it more and more. It's the thing I invite people to and encourage people to choose, and I realized that it needs to become one of my energetic priorities right now.

As I read books, listen to thought leaders, take trainings, and connect with people around the world, I see myself as a sponge, a sponge that can better squirt some gems on you (just kidding) that can nudge you through a closing door before you miss out on a chance to shine, to step up, and to have what you desire.

Three changes I’ve done in the last few weeks that is allowing me to tap into my knowingness are:

  • Walking with Willow, the dog, in the morning before my appointments for the day

  • Saying “Hi” to my body BEFORE picking up my phone to check messages in the morning

  • Eating my meals without multi-tasking with work

These small changes have opened me up to so much more creative ideas, clarity on next steps, and calm with my body!

What is something that you could remind yourself of that would get you to where you’d like to be faster and easier?

We can all benefit from someone in our corner, cheering us on, and what if that someone could create a personalized plan for you so you can achieve what you aspire to have? Schedule a chat to talk about that HERE

A professional nudger, such as myself, is all the more effective because I find out what you wish for, what your strengths are, and what your way of being is that’s different from others with your body and with your inner knowing before creating tailored exercises and home play to prompt you along your path.

What if you could have someone that was willing to genuinely know you without judgment and nurture your deepest hopes?

That person can be you if you’re willing. You can be your own best friend and confidante. I would love to facilitate a way for you to have more of you so that can be that for yourself.

If that’s something that appeals to you, schedule a chat with me HERE


Your Confidante and Professional Nudger


#CIAYWCoaching #SirisRaquel #VirtualCoach #BeingaDifferentPossibility #ChoosingItAllYourWay #ProfessionalNudger #CommunicationMermaid #SirisRaquel Siris Raquel Rivas-Verdejo is a Life Coach, Speech-Language Pathologist and Therapeutic Energy Worker, who helps busy individuals and families have a greater sense of joy, ease and clarity in their lives so they can create phenomenal lives beyond what has been projected or expected of them. Schedule a consultation with her HERE

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